Apr 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have off this week from work. I so needed it. I really need some downtime and need to start tending to some long overdue tasks. Well, at the very least I hope I can get several things done. With that said, let me share the following:

- Until the probate process for Marcos' estate is completed, money is extremely tight. I decided to just roll with it and keep things afloat. In the big picture I am still a very fortunate person, and I don't want to create negative energy around me.

- Meanwhile, last week Tuesday I was down to my last $20. Later that day a friend told me my name was on a list the NYS Comptroller had put out of people that are owed money. Good people, that Friday a check for $635 came to my rescue. Click here so you can go and check for your name.

- I am missing Marcos. I find comfort in having yet another experience where he was able to let me know he was transitioning. This recent experience involved Marcos becoming cocooned and the message being metamorphosis.

- The next day I walked in on the social worker of my school providing grief counseling for two young students. She used the metaphor of a butterfly going through metamorphosis to explain what happens to people when they die. She knew nothing of my recent experience. I had to go to my office and sit down. Affirmations rock!

- I will be heading to The Met next month to see the exhibit of Alexander McQueen's creations at The Costume Institute. Anyone within five hours of NYC should go. It is going to be a scandal! Click here for a taste.


Reneé said...

I always try to remember that things will work themselves out...and they usually do. Sooooooo mega-jealous of you going to McQueen @ The Met.

Joy said...

You are an inspiration. I wondered how you've been.