Aug 13, 2007

Bee Charmed

I had a wonderful memory today. A few years ago I was in the Catskills area of New York state. This area is so far from NYC that at night the stars come out with such a pride that it humbles a native city resident, that has only seen the meek night sky in a big city.

Away from the distraction of city lights and towering buildings, the stars hold court in the night sky. They remind you that the planet you spin on is just a spec in something greater and more beautiful than you can ever imagine.

I was on a farm that was several acres wide and long. In the morning I went for a walk. I came to a part of the field that was erect with blossoms of either corn or wild flowers. I really don't know. What I remember is that what crowned the green tall stems were colors of yellow, blue and red. This city boy was drawn to them.

As I got closer I heard a low vibration of sound. I moved forward and the sound inched upwards with each foot of a step I took. Then I saw a haze above the flowers. A speckled blanket of air moved above that field. I moved forward. The sound became recognizable to me.

Hard at work within the air was a massive swarm of bees. The bees's buzz took the breath away from my lungs. I paused for a moment to take it all in. I then slowly backed away while facing the field to let the bees alone to do their work.

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