Aug 9, 2007

Prez Candidates Slumming in the Gay Ghetto

The Logo Channel and Human Rights Campaign Foundation hosted a forum with the leading Democratic candidates running for President. Here is my take on their “performances”:

Senator Barack Obama – I like his style and profile. His responses seem well thought out and sincere.

Senator John Edwards
– He lacks authenticity for me. His responses seem so canned. Just add water and stir. He was very instant vanilla pudding and Ken doll-ish.

What the hell is it with that thumb punctuation gesture these politicians use. Ugggh.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich – Okay, I dig he really puts himself out there and takes real risks in terms of his views. Supports same-sex marriages. He believes in letting love rule. Amen. Can Love rule in D.C.?

Senator Mike Gravel – Also, supports same-sex marriage. Favorite line of the night “A gifted politician will tell you to go to hell, and have you look forward to the trip.” He should teach, but not lead.

Governor Bill Richardson – He flopped. Rested on his past record of support for GLBT, but didn’t paint a motivating picture of what he will do as president. He sucked and Melissa Etheridge was NOT feeling him. The audience even groaned when he said being gay is a choice.

Senator Hillary Clinton – The closing act. Last candidate to do her thing. She rocked the coral jacket and showed no cleavage, and looked sexy. Melissa had to fan herself. An intelligent woman, experienced politician, she got the job done. She made me believe she has the ovaries for the job. But, do I trust her?

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