Aug 29, 2007

GOP Down with O.P.P.

Oh I see! Several GOP members that were staunch supporters of the Marriage Defense Act bullshit have been caught over the past year with their drawers down. Whether it's turning up in a D.C. Madam's phone book, emailing naughty messages to interns, or trolling public restrooms for cockage, these boys have been going at it.

So it makes sense they want to protect the sanctity of marriage. They know from their own personal experiences that the institution of marriage is in jeopardy. It seems to me the GOP is infested with tragic closet-cases and philandering men.

Amazing they choose to legislate against behavior they cannot live up to themselves. Hypocrites! FYI former Prez. Clinton also pulled the same bullshit when Monicagate came up. So I guess it's an epidemic or rather a tradition. People have the ability to creep given the right time, place, motivation and heated loins.


Kitty said...

I need to make your label into a t-shirt.

Allan S. said...

Miss Kitty, If the t-shirt goes bigtime, please give me a percentage of the profits. It's only fair.