Mar 28, 2008

Hamming It Up On Easter Sunday

Marcos and I decided to dress up the dogs and head to the park on Easter Sunday. Luna got tons of smiles and compliments as she strutted in her little pink Chanel-like ensemble. Perogino was holding it down in his black hoodie with polka-dot lining.

Marcos looked very dapper in his all black gear with the smart little hat. I was very casual with my look. I threw on a lovely dress shirt and the jeans that give me a sexy ass, with some stylish shoes and wrapped myself up in my Michael Kors peacoat.

Later that day we took our dear friend Yoselin out for a festive Japanese dinner. The sake and Sapporro flowed and we ordered a little bit of everything. I then came home and pigged out on some Jolly Rancher jelly beans.

Life can be so good at times. I'm blessed.

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