Mar 9, 2008

I Turned 40! - We Are Family

There I am with a drink in hand. Hey good people, I turned 40 on March 8! Hallelujah. The cast of characters that turned out to celebrate my milestone are as follows (from left to right):

Latisha is a amazing women that I went to high school with. She is smart, funny and has a great heart. What usually follows her brilliant smile is the most charming laugh

Gabriel is my compadre. He is married to my sister, and we are "Compis" because I was the godfather at their son's baptism. He is one hard working dude, hence the work-drag. I admire him for not ever showing an ounce of homophobia and for taking very good care of La Familia.

Marcos, the hubby, is next. He was sooo good to me for my birthday. He took me to see The Lion King, and then we went out with our friends for a fab tapas dinner. He was focused on making sure I was having a good time. Gracias papito. I have mad love and respect for you.

David is a clever, witty and charming buddy of mine. I can always count on him to combine his twisted mind, with my twisted mind, resulting in tear inducing laughter.

Izzy is a very special friend that came into my life at a time when I was going through it. We have become allies en la lucha. We offer each other support, compassion and no judgement. He's a good man to have in your corner.

Jenny is my little sister. I think she is amazing. She's a warrior. Don't let the hotness fool you. This woman handles her business and has raised a great son.

Joslyn is sitting down and give us a bit of cheesecake. She's also a friend from high school. She is family to me. She's so creative, the art she creates is amazing. Her insightful way of living comes from an amazing spiritual connection she has with the universe. God bless her.

P.S. Gracias Victor for serving as photographer. You're a good man.


Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Allan!!!!

Forty is fabulous and welcome to becoming a Goddess on Earth!

Allan S. said...

Ahhh yes, becoming goddess. I aim that high. Miss Kitty people need to know the truth.