Mar 9, 2008

I Turned 40! - Curtain Rises On Act II

So I turned 40 years old yesterday. I've been flip-flopping emotionally about reaching this milestone. I can honestly say I'm grateful and feel blessed. What is important is that I still feel excited about life. I know it has a lot to do with having loving relationships. And, that I am pursuing new goals professionally and personally.

I know loving and learning is the key to a charmed life. I get joy from my family and friends (see my earlier post) and learning new things (check out my first attempt at creating something with Adobe Illustrator above. Click on the image to see the correct color version. For some reason Blogger screwed up the color scheme.)

I started this blog almost two years ago! My first post was about me changing from a life that focused on surviving, to a life that is focused on thriving.

All of these elements are making me view turning 40 as an asset. I know that my new adventures are often made possible and sometimes easier, because of the lessons I've learned from my time on this earth. While often my past experiences guide me, there are times when I think Lucy won't move the football on me, and I end up flat on my back. Hey, I'm very much human.

So good people, live, love, learn and pass it on.



Kitty said...

The twenties are about making mistakes. The thirties are about learning from those mistakes. The forties are about implementing what you've learned into achieving and thriving in the life that you have.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Allan!

I hope you had a great birthday! Hopefully, I'll be as put together when I turn 40 although I think rocking and crying is going to be involved.

Allan S. said...

Junior take Miss Kitty's post to heart. She broke it down.

Aaron said...

Happy Belated Birthday Allan! It looks like you had a pretty good time :D

Mariel said...

Interesting to know.