Mar 4, 2008

K-Fed Thick In The Cankles

It seems like K-Fed has put on what people are calling daddy weight. I don't think that it is daddy weight. Kevin has people to handle all the physically vigourous stuff most parents have to do. When he plays catch with his sons, you know he has one of his "boys" fetch the ball for him when he misses the catch.

Plus you know all of those long meetings with his lawyers are catered. Shit! Those lawyers just add it to his bill.

I think it's karma weight.


Kitty said...

Looks a bit like psych. med bloat to me since he wasn't that big in January when he was doing the New Year Eve Party circuit.

Kitty said...

Oh, he looks tired. Those kids must be wearing him out, that and the lack of being able to party like he used to without everyone and their brother making note of his every move. He probably had to give up the weed and alcohol because Brit's lawyers demanded he be tested too in order to bolster her case for custody.