May 22, 2009

The 18 Credits-Semester

I've done it good people. I got through the most challenging semester. I took 18 credits instead of the 12 credits that students usually puruse. Like Miss Kitty said in a recent V blog, I'm too old to be in school for a long time. I will be graduating this time next year. Hallelujah! I'm blessed.

In the middle of the experience the doubts crept in and tried to make themselves at home. I tapped into thoughts of love, history, and motivation in order to evict them. I reflected on the undeniable fact that I am surrounded by family and friends that have and continue to thrive beyond the bullshit.

I'm a life-long learner and with that comes personal and intellectual challenges. A high-riding bitch never punks out when it comes to doing things that will take him or her to another level of being.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Allan! Doubt is normal, especially in school. There's always one week when it feels like the work is never gonna end!

Anonymous said...

Mama, you mother fucking Tina Turned it. So proud, and a litte envious that your doing you! Teaching is a gift only a few can actually give. You have schooled me so many times, and for that I am fortunate and greatful.

Miss Rei Rei Pinoshe..

Kitty said...

You go 'head with your bad self.

Wonder Man said...

congrats on making it

Anonymous said...

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