May 15, 2009

The Story of a She and a He

I saw something. This it how it goes.

There was a young girl, with a perfect face. There was a young boy, with brilliant eyes. Both of them lived miles away from each other. They are not related. In their homes and within their family there was harshness.

They were often ignored. At times insulted by the lips that should have given them affectionate kisses. Their bodies violated by hands that should have tucked them into bed.

Their minds challenged not by thinking, but by competition, from adult minds that knew the use of mental trickery, instead of thoughtful inquiry.

The boy and girl became bitter, shameful, angry and vengeful. She and he said to themselves, "One day I'll be powerful." This became their mantra that lulled them into a sad slumber for many years.

Girl becomes woman, and boy becomes man. They move in the world with devious tactics in mind. They have been taught by dear ol' mom and dad. Win, win child anyway you can. You must crush those beneath you. You must plan to make friends with those above you. Make them think they should love you.

So they spend their lives living the plan. They don't see light only signs of fight. They abuse and use all that come in their path. She and he would often laugh. She and he would often think how weak are those around them. They would think how simple minded they are, because, they are not able to see.

She has become very ill. He has grown very old. The coldness of their lives no longer matters. It is the loneliness that has moved into every inch of their being, that provides torturous discomfort. The plan did not work.

Specks of light surround her and him. Each still miles apart. They both fall to their knees. They are not able to be still. Their bodies quiver as they let out flows of tears that sting their eyes. They feel humbled by not being able to dam this show of emotion. They thought they expelled that part of themselves.

The lights whisper to her. The lights whisper to him. The lights say "Why are you crying?" She and he say, while miles away from each other, "I wanted to be loved. I wanted to be understood. I wanted to be safe."

The lights say to him and her, "Did you offer that to others? Did you love? Did you try to understand? Did you offer sanctuary?"

She and he respond, in unison, miles apart from each other, "No."

The lights meld a thunder and a whisper together and say, "You have lived in your creation. Come home children and you will try again."

She has become a he, and he has become a she. Their flicker of light moves in the ether to find a new home, a new beginning. What they have learned goes deep into a shell that can be cracked by an affectionate kiss, and loving hands tucking them into bed.


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OK... So when are you having that published as a book?

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