May 6, 2009

Trannie Wisdom...Mark Her Words

"And finally, while Carrie Prejean—the Miss California traditionalist who favors "opposite" marriage—might not be a monster, she does have some pigheaded ideas to go with her falsies. But at least she once paused to take photos with trannie extraordinaire Amanda Lepore, as uncovered the other day by Us Weekly. I called the trannie—meaning Amanda, not Carrie—to ask what party that was shot at, and she cooed, "I don't remember meeting her. You know how many pictures I take!" Fortunately, Amanda had an opinion of the beauty queen's gay-baiting stance anyway. "That was stupid," said the club diva, who just launched a perfume to go with her doll, Swatch, CD, and vagina. "She could never make a career in TV. Gays monopolize everything! She's a dummy!

"Now she's trying to have churches help her," Amanda went on. "That doesn't sound promising. But at least she has big tits. She can marry a high roller and have miserable kids that hate her." All thanks to opposite marriage!"

Thank you Michael Musto for sharing the unique knowledge of our Trannie Sisters. Click here for more.


Kitty said...

After reading the fabulous quote from Ms. Amanda Lepore all I can say about Ms. Prejean is, "...well that's that then."

Todd HellsKitchen said...

That's also Randy from the Village People...! YMCA!

Anonymous said...

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