May 23, 2009

A Diva Ascends

Octavia Saint Laurent Mizrahi passed away on Monday. If you saw Paris Is Burning, you know that she was an amazing diva. She had a body that was severely sexy, and gave fierce face.

My favorite memory of Octavia was hanging with her and a friend at Tracks, a NYC nightclub. We gossiped, kiki, and did a few bumps. I was 19 and enchanted by her. I kept staring at her and my friend laughed at me and told me to stop. Octavia laughed and did a hairflip and said to my friend "Leave him alone." We then kept on hanging. I adored how she was such a lady with the cool amount of outrageousness.

Over the years our paths would cross. We gave each other smiles and a look that I felt conveyed, that we were happy to see we were both still out and about doing our thing. We both saw a lot of our friends die. I'm of that generation. Ocatavia always looked put together and served it. The last time I saw her at The Monster, she was giving you luscious realness.

Willie greeted her and a reunion is took place up in heaven. It included Angie, Danny, Paris, Dorien, Pepper, and the rest of the Paris Is Burning stars. Then they all starting giving runway to Love Is The Message.

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Kitty said...

I remember her, she was more girl then I will ever be on my best day. I had a friend in college who could have been her twin sister-I shit you not, they looked exactly alike.