May 18, 2009

Why I Loved ZOOM

ZOOM was a show back in the 70s on PBS. This show gathered together a diverse group of young people. We shared our time together doing the following:

- Respecting how we are all have different ways of expressing how we are alike.
- Getting a glimpse into the world of other young people
- Learning about crafts, art, and self-expression
- Having "rap" sessions where we talked about what we were feeling and thinking about
- Playing games like Fannie Doodle

For those not in the know, Fannie Doodle hates the forest, but she likes trees.

At the end of the show the ZOOM kids, gathered together to sing and dance, while I joined in with them. It didn't matter if our voices were on pitch. It was about us realizing we had to love who we are becoming, working in unison, and celebrating our own unique gifts.

I'm blessed good people. This is my spiritual compass.

I hesitated posting this because it seems sappy. My upbringing within hard times tells me it has no real value. Then I said to negative thoughts, kiss my Puerto Rican ass, I strive to see wonderful possibilities. It's amazing to know many can accept over one million people being incarcerated, yet many can't imagine that being prevented, needed or immoral.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

I vaguely remember that one... I was in high school and probably beyond it's demographic...

Anonymous said...

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