Feb 26, 2010

A Snow Day with Millie

Okay, so I am going to reveal, yet once again, my inner-nerd. I was fortunate to have yet another Snow Day. So I took care of some minor plumbing issues with the help of a handy-dandy man, ordered Chinese food, and getting ready to watch one of my favorite films on TCM.

Believe it or not folks, I really get a kick out of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Here is why:

-It's silly
-Has classic songs such as Baby Face
-I love Carol Channing as Muzzy. Raaaspberry!
-An elevator that you have to dance in so it can move.

It's not a pc film, the plot involves Asians selling white women into slavery. I am also aware of the fact there is corn all over the place. However, it makes this bitch happy. Damn! Too bad I didn't get some Tapioca pudding to finish my dinner

Feb 22, 2010

A Girl Interrupted

Muchisimas gracias to Senor GoGo for turning me onto this. I wonder how other plays by Shake-A-Spear would have turned out, if a fab queen turned out the main characters, and halted the impending drama.

Feb 19, 2010

NY Fashion Not Weak

Bravo to the American designers that showed during the NYC Fashion Week. I was really impressed with what came down the runway. Good people, I know the price tag on these clothes are out of many of our reaches. However, look to them for inspiration in terms of color, texture, cut and silhouette, when you go shopping.

Isaac Mizrahi impressed me. I was totally blown away by Marchesa (see image above). Click here for the full spectrum of fashion inspiration.

I also want to share my sadness regarding the death of Alexander McQueen. I love what he did for fashion. I also appreciated he was a child of a working-class family that did the work, put in his time on Saville Row, and created fashion that was truly inspired. I hope his spirit finds peace on the other side.

Feb 16, 2010

Let It Snow

The image above is from in front of the house. I walked out into a dreamy world covered in snow. I loved it. Gino bounced about and I snapped this pic from my cell phone.

I've been watching the Winter Olympics. I remain forever amazed at what these athletes can do. To fly down a mountain side at tremendous speed, or glide across the ice with grace and elegance, this is truly amazing.

Feb 10, 2010

Snow Day

I had a snow day from work today. Which means I got to chillout and do my own thing. I'm sure my students were busy texting all day without having me reprimand them. Everybody is happy.

I went to the gym, which was a good thing, the days started out rocky.

I was inspired by Todd to share some of my own random thoughts:

- My cat Geronimo has been working my last nerve. He is giving me another aerobic workout with my doorman duties.

- Gino had a blast bouncing around in the snow. I love that dog. He makes me smile just when I need it.

- The locker room at the gym was such a turn on today. What a wonderful display of the human body and it's many variations. The hottest was a 50-something daddy. Woof!

- I realize I do a lot of positive visualizations and it make my aspirations come my way. Mind you, I also do the work needed to make these goals happen.

- I'm way overdue for a visit to my friend that is battling breast cancer. I just gave myself an eye-roll and sucked my teeth. Amdends will be made asap. I adore her.

Feb 5, 2010

Couture Junkie Got A Fix

So, the 2010 Paris couture shows have spread their magic into the atmosphere. I was really impressed with Gaultier. My baby's daddy Galliano left me feeling a bit frustrated. He didn't bring the heat. I felt as if I had been texting him to bring me some money to buy diapers, and he was not responding.

Click here for the fabness.