May 29, 2008

Chole On QVC

As I channeled surf today I found, Chloe Dao the winner of Project Runway-Season 2, sellling her wares on QVC. Y'all remember her. I really liked her on the show. She's talented, real, creative and cool. I was not impressed with what she is currently showing, but her previous collection was very cute. Check it out here, and in the pics below.

I think it's cool she went the QVC route. This woman is about business and you move product by the hundreds if not thousands on QVC. And, it looks like she is trying to create something of quality and that works on various types of female bodies. Unlike season 1 winner, Jay McCaroll, she took the prize money and the internship at Banana Republic. It looks like it served her well.

Jeffrey and Christian should take some pointers from Chole. Last I heard Jeffrey was broke. And, Christian went Hollywood with his appearance on Ugly Betty. Looks like Chole knew she had to parlay those 15 minutes into something that was real.

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Anonymous said...

Allan, I totally agree. She's a designer and she has to make money so I'm all for it. She's actually my favorite winner of PR so I'm glad she got some kind of success (unlike Jay and the Neck).