May 25, 2008

Congratulations Marcos!

Good people, Marcos had his first show in New Haven. Yay! I am so proud of him and wish him continued success. This is him chatting with artist, and fellow exhibitor at the show, Marcelina Sierra.

I love it when he gets a chance to commune with fellow artist. They are a sensitive lot and really need to support and encourage each other.

Here are the three pieces he showed (click on images for a larger view).

To arrange a viewing of Marcos' and the other artists' work contact Danny Diaz at 203-787-2783.


Denyse said...


Kitty said...

Congrats to Marcos on his first show in New Haven! I am drawn to the last picture but it might be the abs pulling my eye towards it more than to the others that are equally as interesting. The first one is kind of least to me. Solid but not solid, who knows, art means what you want it to through you own mind's eye.

Anonymous said...

I never get to see art from actual artists! Love his work!