May 28, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

Once again Miss Kitty broke it down for us. One of her most recent post reminded me how there is a sad disconnect between adults and children. I really do feel we project our biggest fears and anxieties on young people. It needs to stop.

Good people, as you know, I've been working at a local high school for two years now. And, I've also had the opportunity to do field placement in several local elementary schools. Moreover, before all of this new experiences I ran an after-school program for middle-school kids in NYC for five years. So here's my take on things:

- Not everyone is meant to be a parent. I am not advocating for sterilization, but I will champion more parenting classes. There are BOOKS that can help a person parent better, not perfect, but better. Whether it has to do with nutrition or child development, there is significant information that mothers and fathers should know.

- Children see it ALL. People need to stop dumbing it down for kids. They understand a lot more than you think. It's amazing how adults censor and don't censor themselves in front of kids because they see a child, and not a human being. They are sponges people. And, let me add that young people pick up on the vibes in a BIG way.

- Every child is gifted; however, it not according to what the fuck you want. So get over it. I realize I will need to do a separate post about this, because I went to a school for the "gifted and talented." The reality is scary. Stay tuned.

- A child wants more and more for education to relate to his or her reality. Several years ago a teacher in New Zealand lined up kindergarten students and ask them what five words they wanted for the day. This teacher realized the "See Dick and Jane' books were not working Each student responded verbally and one child said: beer, jail, mother, porridge, and fight. This teacher then wrote out the words and gave them to the student to OWN. That student later became a person that wanted to read.

- Let kids have a bad day. Shit! We expect people to understand when we are having a shitty day.

- Always remind a young person how special they are.

- Always remind a young person how it's important to work for something you want.

- Always remind a young person how mistakes are learning opportunities.

- Always remind a young person that they are loved.

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Kitty said...

I want to print this out and leave it behind in one of the bathrooms when I finish the consulting job next week but I know it would be taken as an insult. In my field I've noticed that people get so caught up in obtaining their research data they completely ignore the fact that they're dealing with human beings.