Jun 24, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Vea Marco llorar. Vea Marco llora para Maria. Vea Marco llora porque él fue agarrado. Vea Marco llora acerca de la condición del partido Republicano.

Translation: See Mark weeping. See Mark weep for Maria. See Mark weep because he was caught. See Mark weep about the condition of the Republican party.

SIDE NOTE: Is there really anyone out there that thinks the Republican party is the party of family values and moral purity?


Bob said...

"Is there really anyone out there that thinks the Republican party is the party of family values and moral purity?"


Anonymous said...

You see what I find most fascinating is that people still fall for shit like this. Even his wife forgave him. Maybe is the size of his dick but give me a break. If I were his wife I would had kick him in the groins and have him out of the house and kept his government pension, for me to relax some were in the Bahamas with a real stud gardener. But let her bake more cookies for his next reelection. And know this, he still not over with Peronista Maria; he came out about it because he was caught with his pants down.


Kitty said...

His sexy emails were dry as hell. My two favorite parts of his presser were:

1. That he apologized to the mistress before anyone else. Make no mistake wifey made note of that.

2. That he was still dealing with his sideline piece the 5 months that he and his wife were doing Christian counseling to keep their marriage together. I guess she kicked him out when she realized he was still getting his feet wet via the Internet.

I think Mrs. Sanders had her private investigator put old boy on blast to the media after he took off for parts unknown over the Father's Day Weekend. Those genteel Southern ladies do not play.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I love that he won't resign... Republicans NEVER resign... Larry Craig is another example. Democrats like McGreevey and Spitzer are out the door before you can say "fellatio"...

Anonymous said...

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