Jun 7, 2009

Minding Other People's Business...Again

The woman with the hat and Colgate smile gave birth to another Bobby Brown offspring. Why would anyone want to have one of Bobby Brown's kids? Why would Bobby Brown himself want to have another kid?

I wonder if Bobby works with that dumb ass script about "spreading your seed" and measuring his manliness by how many babies he can create with a night of pumping and dumping. Sorry for the crewdness, but I think that's how Bobby feels about the act.

I wonder if she thought this was her last chance to make a baby, and since she is managing Bobby, she can also put him on baby's daddy lockdown, and not have to worry about being fired. BTW, that baby's daddy lockdown strategy NEVER works!

You know what at the end of the day, people can be real twisted and have a warped sense of reality. Oh and I'm sure this moronic behavior seems genius when you add booze and drugs into the mix.

Click here for the absurdity.


Kitty said...

In keeping with minding other folk's business, it is said that they have partying in common so the baby might have been a side effect of that. Bobby's genes are strong so this kid will look like all the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

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