Jun 5, 2009

Werking It!

Hey good people, so the grades from my 18 credits-semester have come in and here are the results:

Global Women's Issues (Intensive Writing): A
Integrated Mathematics and Science for Elementary Education: A-
Ethnography (Intensive Writing): A+
Classroom Management Techniques
in Educational Settings: A+
Language Arts for Exceptional Individuals: B
Collaboration in the Schools: A

Term GPA: 3.78

A big thank you to the family, friends and fellow students that supported me through a very challenging semester.


Anonymous said...

WERK!! And 18 credits! U are Superman!

Kitty said...

Wow! Yay Allan! I now dub thee the Empress of The Educated. Do your damn thing.

Allan S. said...

Thanks Jun, I'm actually Guerrero Rojo. Remember him?

Muchos gracias Miss Kitty, hence the image of my royal crest.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Clap, clap, clap... Bravo! you're a smarty pants!

Anonymous said...

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