Jun 27, 2009

La Familia

I've been MIA and all over the place lately. Just adjusting to changes in schedule and switching from student to teacher mode. I'm teaching summer school this year. Last year I served in a more administrative role. But, this year it's me in front of the yungins and doing my teacher thang.

With that said, look at my handsome nephew and darling niece. Gabriel graduated this week from the High School of Environmental Studies. Hence, the green cap and gown. He did really well and earned a regents diploma, which in NYC, means he had to take a significant amount of state tests to show a level of competency in the core subjects of science, math and English. You go boy!

In his arms is his cousin, Miss Brianna. I introduced Brianna to you guys in a previous post. This little angel loves to laugh and smile, and her amazing mother tells me that while Brianna is high maintenance, that she is a very good baby.

So, this week I got to celebrate my nephew's graduation and meet Miss Brianna in person. Life is good.


Kitty said...

Congrats to the nephew on "gettin' it done". Ms. Brianna is too cute for words.

Anonymous said...

Cutest family ever! Congrats to everyone! And although I miss my Allan, I'll wait 'til you return!

Anonymous said...

My compi it was really good to see you.i am glad you were there for that very special day. thank you. stay smart stay strong. from your compi GABRIEL

Wonder Man said...

great pics, congrats to your nephew