Jun 30, 2009

It Was Surreal

While I was in NYC last week, I experienced along with millions of NYers an amazing cloud formation visible during the early night sky. After a brief thunderstorm, the sky displayed the most unusual clouds I've ever seen.

I learned today these clouds are called Mamatis. The clouds looked like peachy-colored cotton candy. I was walking with my sister-friend of over 20 years, and her 17 year old son. I'm grateful to have experienced this with them. I adore Joslyn and Marco. We decided, along with other NYers, to stop and take pictures of the sky. We had to pause and appreciate the spectacle.

All of NYC was veiled in a hue of orange light. It was so surreal. I felt as if I was in a dream. While I respect the science behind these rare cloud formations, I also felt it was divine intervention reminding us to stop and take in wonderment. Here are the pics from my cell phone camera.

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bunnilove said...

Thanks Allan, we adore you too...

I must state that I miss you terribly, but understand your desire to be out of New York. While there might be some who take New York for granted, I never do. There really is beauty and majesty in this increasingly difficult city. Sometimes all you have to do is look up!

Seeing you felt like old times, tempered with the wisdom from maturity. That cloud formation was but one sign of the grace of the universe, and you friendship is another one.

May peace be your constant companion.