Jun 10, 2009

Use Your Words Wisely

Artist: Barbara Kruger

Good people, I have a recommendation. I feel strongly that we should stop using the term anti-abortion, when discussing issues regarding women's reproductive rights. Since the murder of Dr. Tiller, I've been reading articles that focus on the issue of abortion. I've come across a term which I believe can be powerful in reshaping the dialogue about women's reproduction rights.

I say let's replace anti-abortion with ANTI-CHOICE. Here is why:

- By using the term anti-abortion we keep the focus only on the option of a women terminating a pregnancy. This is a disservice to the personal process a women engages in when deciding what to do about an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

- She has many other options to consider. For example, a women may choose to discuss with her partner and or family ways to bring that pregnancy to term, and welcome an infant into a loving and stable home.

- A women may also consider giving birth to the child and placing him or her up for adoption.

- She may also consider raising that child on her own with the support of family and friends.

The bottom line is giving birth to a child has significant impact on a women's own personal health, and will alter her life, along with her partner and family in significant ways. We're talking at least an 18 year commitment to nurturing another being.

So in keeping with the ideals and virtues of America's love of liberty, choice is so American. We apply choice and free-will to so many other aspects of our lives. Why does it have to stop when it comes to our own bodies?

So, if you find yourself in a conversation with someone that is anti-choice when it comes to women's reproductive rights, look at them with pity and say, "That is so un-American."

Then if they throw in chapter and verse from the bible, simply say, "Our founding fathers believed in the separation of church and state, how un-American of you."

If they persist then say, "Hey, if your movement is so pro-life, why do your members kill so many people that provide safe and legal medical procedures for terminating a pregnancy, which enable women to have control over their own bodies? How can you be pro-life when it comes to the womb, but then okay with the death penalty and committing murder."

Then the final kick in the teeth is to say, "Hey, this planet is experiencing major problems because of pollution, war, overpopulation and corruption, what is your church or you for that matter, doing about that?"

Now, be careful, these right-wingnuts are getting violent. So be ready to put that hair up in a tight bun, remove your earrings, thrown some vaseline on your face, and have at it. It seems to me that these days conservatives are loving to take the route of violence. So, suit up people, because it is on!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. For the record, I'm pro-(human) life (I eat chicken so that explains it) and I hate when that term is used by zealots who kill abortion doctors. It's insane. You can't be pro-life and support violence against anyone.

Also, my being pro-life doesn't mean I'm against choice. I'm also pro-reality and realize that abortion even if I don't like it needs to be legal because it involves other people's lives.

Why people think they can control other people is beyond me...

Kitty said...

As a pro-choice female I would just love it if the media would stop using the pro-life's definition of the pro-choice movement. We aren't pro-abortion, we're pro-women and their partners (as applicable) having the choice to decide on their own what they're going to do about an unintended pregnancy. In a perfect world there would be reliable birth control and morning-after pills so that surgical procedures would be rare.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I support "Anti-Choice" as a label! It makes sense!

Anonymous said...

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