Aug 28, 2008

If It Aint Broke...Don't Fix It?

The Women is one of my favorite classic films of all time. It has all the elements of a great movie. It's based on the brilliant play written by Clare Boothe Luce. The women are smart, stylish witty and serve sophisticated cattiness. It is hysterical without being foolish. You have to see this film. Rosalind Russell is genius in it. And, talk about innovative,there is a fashion show shot it vivid color, within this black & white film.

There is a remake coming out soon with Meg Ryan in the lead and Annette Bening attempting to fill Rosalind's shoes. Eva Mendes is going to take a stab at recreating the role of the husband stealer character, portrayed with thick shade, by Joan Crawford.

I normally don't like remakes, especially when the original was so damn good. I mean can you see All About Eve being redone? Why would someone even attempt to redo perfection? The only thing I'm excited about is that this new version has actresses of color. In the original, the only actress of color, played a maid-like character.

Well, let's see how it goes. I wonder if this remake will even come close to creating these sort of moments:


Anonymous said...

I too am happy that Jada and Eva are in it (although with several older actresses like Candice Bergen and Bette Midler) but I agree that the original film is so classic, why bother?

There has to be some struggling (female) screenwriter out there who can come up with a story for these gals!

Anonymous said...

sorry that should have said "along with" not "although with"! Older actresses are good not bad!

Kitty said...

I saw the commercials for this and what struck me was, that with very few exceptions, the female actresses look freshly carved on and botoxed. Though credit where credit is do, Meg's face does seem to have settled into something resembling human.

I can't wait until they remake "...Baby Jane?" Courtney Love can pull out one of her 90s dresses and do Ms. Betty's part. I smell an Oscar nod in that casting. (snark)