Aug 26, 2008

My Closing Olympics Games Post

Well, as with most closing Olympic ceremonies, this one went from good to bad. It's traditional for closing ceremonies to go this way. Hey, all the coins were spent on the opening ceremony. I had to turn it off soon after Jackie Chan sang, it became like the Olympics on Tina aka Crystal Meth. It was so high pitched and lacking emotion. I was waiting to see a tweaked out twink. No, the two twinks covered in white body make up do not count.

That London moment was mad lame. We are urban and quirky. We are Mary Poppins with a drug habit. How sad they propped that girl on that rising platform, and didn't give her some wind to move the fabric that just flooped around her. And, then she had to poorly lip-snych to a song she probably heard just days before. Oh, and their representative, he looked like he had a few pints and smelled of kippers and chips. Bullocks!

I was not disappointed with the feats of the athletes. What they do is amazing. Umm, the rhythmic gymnastics was so Cirque du Soleil. You know there were some recruiters from Cirque up in the crowd. Oye, what these woman can do with their body and props. It's a damn shame little gaylings are not encouraged to be a part of that sport. I bet many an 11 year-old gayling saw what these ladies were doing, and said, "Mami, I want to do that." Unfortunately, I bet the innocent gaylings would get slapped and be told, "Boys don't do that."

It still amazes me that the Chinese government is still maintaining the lie about their woman gymnast. Well, good luck with the karma. Ya know what you did. I just hope those young girls don't have to suffer the consequences of the dumb ass adults surrounding them.

I still feel dirty about watching the Olympics that took place in a country that has such a bad human rights record. And, that to create the Olympic village they exploited hundreds of migrant workers, and displaced hundreds of thousands residents. Why, oh why, dear goddess, can't we enjoy the beauty without the ugly. Oh yeah, we need the contrast to remind us of the struggle between the light and the dark.


Kitty said...

Awwww, Jackie Chan singing with such earnestness was...just so random, you had to at least love the campiness of it. As far as the human rights go, now that we aren't being polite guests in China can we talk about, among other things, all of those elderly and families they chucked out into the streets in the name of progress? Two women in their seventies who protested during the games about being evicted from their homes with no compensation were sentenced to hard-labor re-education camp. The media conveniently moved on to the Dem Convention with nary a second glance.

Joie Mayfield said...

I agree, Allan. I thought the Closing Ceremonies were just weird. I was expecting something so spectacular with the extinguishing of the cauldron, but it just went out.

Jackie Chan was so random.

Tendolla said...

Allan, you are too funny! I agree with everything you said. I was laughing my ass off as I read your post. The Brits had such a weird show - I don't think they will be able to compete with China and they made that very apparent. And yes the closing was so strange what was director Zhang thinking.

It was a difficult Olympics for me to watch as well knowing all the negative shit China has done. I lived there for three years and it was an amazing and at times difficult experience. Hopefully these Games in some way will have forced China to rethink about their politics and hopefully clean up their human rights violations.

But thank God for the Olympics what would I do without the beautiful bulges of Spandex!