Aug 15, 2008

My Olympic Games Post - Part 2

Hmmm, I smell scandal coming. Looks like the U.S. Woman's Gymnast coach, Suzanne Yoculan, is not too happy about China possibly placing a couple of underage gymnast into the competition. She went and filed a complaint.

The irony is that when 15 year old Dominique Moceanu was part of the gold winning team in the 1996 Olympics, folks protested she was too young. As a result the IOC changed the minimum age for gymnast competing in the Olympics to 16.

I've read some stuff about the Chinese press reporting two girls from the Chinese team are 13 and 14, about 9 months ago. If this proves to be true, it would of course make these young girls ineligible for these Olympics. And, which would mean the Chinese team is disqualified. Here's where it gets funny the above mentioned articles have disappeared from the Internet or been discredited by Chinese officials that say the ages were not vetted.

Sports be so dirty sometimes. It ranges from "doping" to bureaucratic bullshit. It's so weird that people would want to win dirty. How can you really enjoy the accolades? I guess I'm built differently. I also wonder if Suzanne would have filed her complaint if the U.S. won gold. Let's see how the drama unfolds.


Wonder Man said...

it is kind of sad

Joie Mayfield said...

I don't think you're built differently. In my opinion, people compete in the Olympics because they truly love what they are doing. Cheating to win? I think that's bullshit. As for the underage Chinese gymnasts? I'm interested in how this is going to play out, myself. We'll see. With the Gold and Silver going to USA for gymnastics tonight, I have a feeling it will die down. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

China will start World Wars III, IV, and V if anyone tries to take the gold away from those girls, you can believe that.

Allan S. said...

I second and amen all of the above comments.

Tendolla said...

I am not suprised they cheated. I personally think there should be no age limit. But it is a rule and it should be enforced! Bad Bad China!