Aug 23, 2008

She Wasn't Even Vetted

So Sen. Obama went with Sen. Biden. Biden is not a horrible choice. I actually think he has the moxy to help Barack put a beat down on the GOP. Biden's pluses and minues will get a hyper-analysis during the next several weeks, so I won't go there.

What I am astonished by is that Hillary wasn't even a contender for riding shotgun to the White House. Maybe she just straight up told Obama "Listen, it was all or nothing for me. I know how to run this, and being first-lady brought up a notch would not work for me. It's not a good fit. Let's just get you in office. And, don't pick Richardson, he wouldn't know loyalty if it bit him in the ass."

My wild imagination offers these possible reasons why some in the Obama camp might have suggested she not be vetted.

- Two alphas don't really mix. Alphas make attempts at meshing, but really what ends up happening is a lot of infighting. Plus, Obama may want that chapter of history all for himself. You know, the one that starts with "First (fill in the blank) President. Folks in politics have ego for days.

- Change is challenging. Major change is scary. Obama and crew are working against racism and the perception that he is not ready for the job. To add the obstacles of misogyny and male-chauvinism would be a tall order. Yeah, I know. It's a chicken-shit reason.

- "Barack, the Clintons have to much political scandal and baggage. I might add our polls show that most people feel they can't see themselves having a beer with her. Now, Biden, hey our polls show people feel they can get shit-faced with him."

Well good people, let's see how it all goes down. Sen. Obama I hope you choosed wisely. So handle yours. I don't want another four years of GOP bullshit.


Wonder Man said...

I agree, he did the right thing. Hill-Hill carries too much drama right now. Plus I hear she wants a spot in the Supreme Court

Kitty said...

I thought he wouldn't pick Hills because she was an alpha but then so is Biden so I had to rethink that one. I would love for her to hit the Supreme Court, she would be great and Scalia, Thomas, et al would shit bricks every time they had to go to work. I suspect that Hillary's people also had a lot to do with her not getting a obligatory vetting given their antics during the campaign and her supporters antics since she stepped -out. Their unwillingness to support Obama no matter what smacks of deeper issues than feeling Hillary getting a raw deal. I hope they go to their therapists and dig a little deeper into their psyches about that one. Richardson probably didn't get the nod because with the Hillary pass the team took it would have been played as a double smack in the face to the Clintons who have major issues with Richardson after his complaints of her team pressuring him and telling him he "owed" them his support no matter what. These politicos will heal their wounded pride and move on some of the lower ranks maybe not so much. Richardson would be great at State and I still say John Edwards, despite his wandering penis and outside baby thing would be great at Justice giving corporations, fraudsters, et al what for.

Entrenched Dems are resurgent from the looks of the "change" being put forth these days.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Biden will be just fine...

Hey, if I were you, I'd delete that Spamment above before someone clicks the link and they they think of you as fertile ground for that kind of crap...

I delete Spamments right away myself... And if there's a spell where they get proliffic I put on "word verif" for a while...

Just a suggestion!