Aug 13, 2008

My Olympic Games Post - Part 1

I had to let it all set in and get comfortable with it. Good people, the Olympics are my late summer fascination. Here are my thoughts on the spectacle.

- The opening ceremonies were at times sublime. This is what you can do when you create a culture that sells a monolithic perception of self. The comrades rocked it. My favorite moment was the dancers painting on the LCD screen. Oh, and it was funny that the drummers in the beginning number, were instructed to smile more, so that they would be less intimidating. The "other" is so scary.

- Eww, Russia attacked Georgia. World Peace! What a concept.

- Bob Costas is a sawed-off little piece of shit. I am starting a petition to ban him from being a part of the broadcast in future Olympics. He totally lacks the worldly charisma to be part of such a global happening. I imagine when he travels abroad he goes to McDonald's for his meals. Ewww, such an ugly American.

- I'm done with Michael Phelps. Good on you, well done, you are naturally gifted. Enjoy your success Micheal, because you earned it; however, I don't need to keep hearing about you collecting more medals. I want to hear more stories about athletes that had to overcome the most unimaginable in order to be part of the games. Phelps story doesn't inspire me, it makes me feel amazing is for those genetically gifted. What a fascists concept.

- Would NBC and America be so obsessed with the gold medal count, if America was not able to win so many gold medals? I think not! I Once again the "haves" define the value system. Aint it interesting to hear the haves say shit like "Oh, this country has never won a medal in this event." How that statement reveals their hypocrisy. You see good people, they don't make such a fuss about medals when their people are not winning them. What they do instead is focus on the "struggle," and how that has honor.

- Wow, oh wow what these gymnast are able to do. It is magical.

- Male gymnast are arrogant pigs. I guess their arrogance is attributed to them being of short stature. Hey, even geeks with six-pack abs have issues.

- Fuck! I should have taken ping-pong serious when I was a kid.

I'll continue my take in future post. I need to go to bed as the Olympic torch lights the night sky.


Kitty said...

I am also tired of Bob Costas and Matt Lauer. They have at times taken the ugly American thing to new heights. I think the problem with Phelps is that he's the only athlete that NBC and affiliates give any attention too and they relate all sports events back to Phelps. I watched Lauer interview one of the male relay team members and all he wanted to talk about was Phelps and you could tell the kid was over the interview. Male gymnast suffer from little man syndrome, hence the arrogance. The Chinese killed the opening ceremony and will be hard to top even with the slight of hand antics.

Alright, done.

Joie Mayfield said...

The Opening Ceremonies blew me away! I agree with you that Bob Costas is an idiot. While I respect Phelps, was it nessecary that we are given a run-down on his eating habits? Then, the next day, we are given a full resprentation of that menu? I mean, come on! How about the US Gymnastics team (the men) how they came from behind the win the bronze. They were happy they were taken seriously for once. Great blog!