Sep 1, 2008

Dear Grandma Palin (Addendum)

Now, remember girls, when out on a date with a boy, always keep both feet on the ground. A Christian young lady reveals nothing.

You took a gamble on abstinence only sex education for your daughter. She now finds herself pregnant at 17, and getting ready for a shotgun-wedding to the young man, that fathered the child. Your little girl, and someones little boy have to "grow up faster than you had ever planned." Not really shocking, this sort of thing happens, after all people like to fuck.

What I would find shocking would be if you would still hold onto your belief that abstinence only sex education be the approach in high-school sex education classes. Pam Younggren, 61, of Fargo, N.D., (who's attending the GOP convention, by the way) was told the news of your 17-year-old’s pregnancy, she shrugged. And then told the the NY Times reporter, “Well, she wouldn’t be the first one,” “We can’t control what our daughters do,” “I don’t see it as a problem. She will have appropriate care for her baby.”

Well said Mrs. Younggren, spoken like a women with her head on right. Teens more often than not, do what they want to do. Ask Bristol. She'll tell you all about it.

Mrs. Younggren was also correct in saying Bristol will be fine. She'll have the support of her family, and fortunately you and your husband work, and probably have room for Bristol's new family at your place. If not I'm sure you can pull some gubernatorial strings to get him a job, and a little home to call their own. Don't worry you'll all meet up every Sunday at church. OMG! It will be so cute, the both of you pushing baby carriages.

Hmmm, the warm fuzzy feeling just left. I started wondering about all those young girls out there, that find themselves in the same predicament as Bristol, yet don't have the same sort of support. You know, those girls that are living in poverty, or have dysfunctional homes. Hey, about those young girls that may have been forced into sex by a violent boyfriend, or molested by some pig in the family or clergy. What becomes of these young girls lives? Gee, it seems pretty damn bleak.

Wouldn't it be a good Christian thing to do, by looking out for these girls too? How about reserving your faith-based policies for your own family, and as an elected official offer practical policies to your constituency. Here's a wild idea, have these policies empower young people to be informed about their bodies, and be aware of family planning, as well as, freedom regarding reproductive choice.

Oh wow, I just thought of something. Bristol is totally PRO-CHOICE. Think about it grandma. She chose to have unprotected premarital sex. Bristol, got to make the choices that worked for her. And, now she is choosing to have the baby and keep it. See how wonderful having CHOICE as an option is for a person.

What can I say I live to serve others. It's my god given talent. It's what I do.

ADDENDUM: I am not opposed to teaching abstinence within an inclusive sex education curriculum, that provides information on birth control. Aside from protecting against unwanted pregnancies, there are also concerns about contracting an STD, that should be considered.


Kitty said...

I would love to know if she had any public comments about Ms. Jamie-Lynn Spears after she announced her teen pregnancy. You can't ask for privacy for your own when you didn't give it to others. I don't think we're done viewing this family's dirty laundry yet. I feel sorry for those kids having such self-involved parents, I really do.

Allan S. said...

Miss Kitty you know I work with teens. I once over heard a pregnant student talking to her friend, that asked her "Why you wanna have a baby so young." The student said "I want someone to love and love me back." True story!

Wonder Man said...

It's like a bad soap opera. Is Aaron Spelling writing from the grave?

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Well said!

Joie Mayfield said...

“Well, she wouldn’t be the first one,” “We can’t control what our daughters do” “I don’t see it as a problem." "She will have appropriate care for her baby."

No, she's definitely not the first one. Yes, we can educate our daughters to make proper using birth control, or condoms. Of course, you don't see it as a problem GOP Candidates = God's Candidates. It's completely ridiculous.

Appropriate Care? Always being known as the child that was part of a dramatic revelation while Granny was running for VP? I'm not sure that's appropriate care.

Joie Mayfield said...

Allan, check this out:

She claims she would be against abortion -- even if her daughter was raped.

Joie Mayfield said...

He definitely won't be voting for McCain. I think his name has been dragged through the mud enough, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm still confused about what "abstinence only" sex-ed even is.

Teacher: Don't have sex ever. Class (in unison): OK! Teacher: Now it's time for arts & crafts!

Like seriously, I thought school was a place where you learned information. Well, here's information about the condom. Wow. Mind blown.

(And studies have shown that teens who are taught safe-sex practices don't have more sex, just like I was taught everything I ever wanted to know about drugs in the DARE program but don't actually do them now, although I can tell you what a barbiturates is!)

importing Fronteras/lelocolon said...

notice how my last comment was deleted from your site. Let me reiterate I feel happy that a teemager pregnant is going to be in the white house, with her mother as the Vice precident. I hope every other pregnant-teenager gets the same opportunity. God bless america.

Joie Mayfield said...

Since it was mentioned three times, let me say this...

If elected... they don't live in the white house, chump.

Allan S. said...

Joie, that comment is from the hubby. He clicked one too many times. He and I have this twisted humor, hence his comment.

Joie Mayfield said...

I meant to say CHAMP, instead of CHUMP. lol. Sorry about that! :) I apologize.