Sep 4, 2008


Looking at Palin's oldest son, during the GOP convention, t as his mother spoke from the podium, about his upcoming deployment into the Iraq war, I was disgusted. For her to so proudly and gleefully send her child off to "harms way" is so despicable to me. What parent, uncle, aunt, sister or brother would want to send a young life into a situation that, god forbid, may result in their untimely death. To send them into that reality with such cheer. Gross!

You are a twisted Palin. You are sending your son into a war that you have said was for oil. A war that has robbed this nation of billlions of dollars that would have put the "country first. " A war that the international community was trying to avoid. I feel sad for your son, that he was raised in a so called Christian family, that thinks the death of others is necessary. Jesus would have wanted Peace.

As for you McCain, you saw the horrors of war, and yet you voted to support an immoral campaign. You sir, are the most vile in all of this. Did you not find GOD while you were imprisoned? Did you not realize how corruption puts good people in harms way for all of the wrong reasons. You didn't learn from your own history, and may be doomed to repeat it.

To believe that in the 21st century the only way to resolve disputes is through war is not change, it is more of the tragic and immoral same. Alas, I am sure you can find a spin or chapter and verse in the bible to explain your madness. I'm sure you can sell to the masses how it's either us or them.

Make love, not war.


Kitty said...

She's more, pro-exploiting for credit than she is pro-life. I keep saying it, but I feel so bad for Baby Trig and how he's bandied around for camera shots, but then I guess all of the kids are used like that.

Anonymous said...

Allan, it's ridiculous but so many people still have this "Greatest Generation" reverence for military service and would gladly send their children into a pointless war and even feel a swell of pride if they died fighting for their country.

It's twisted but it's so true.

Joie Mayfield said...

This may seem disconnected, but it has a point...I promise.

What's scary to me, is the whole ordeal going on in Georgia-Russia. Dick Cheney is in Georgia delivering $1 billion dollars in aid to them. The Kremlin is upset at this. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the US of provoking the conflict in Georgia, possibly for domestic election purposes. Also, we've made an agreement with Poland to have missiles in their country.

I'll be honest. It looks like if this continues, a possible conflict with Russia could be on the way.

We HAVE to get war-mongerers out of office. We need to repair our relations with our allies.

Pro-life. She's only pro-life for votes. She has her own career to further. She doesn't care about us.

Wonder Man said...

she is milking it for all it's worth

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Republicans be damned!