Jun 14, 2008

Amor In The Digital Age

Good People I know you have fallen in love. That is why I find you to be good people. I know you have cried or become angry because of love. I bet you've used your divine imagination to, for a moment, connect with that other bieng. That is to me, when you are most divine, and reveal what GOD is all about.

In my opinion the divine, GOD, is all about knowing the connections we share. It's like those a-ha or wow moments when we see ourselves in others. You've all had those experiences when you saw the following:

- You knew that pain or joy that someone was experiencing, because you've also experienced it.
- You saw someone uplift their mask and reveal the real person.
- You looked at someone, in a particular moment, and transferred an understanding without speaking a word.

And, then you fell in LOVE.

This divine connection all falls apart in matters of love. We become so selfish. I would argue these moments of connection, are chained to us receving praise or wanting a certain outcome, because, we are in the free-fall of loving.

The quick answer is that we are more vunerable emotionally when we engage in a relationship. The shakey ground of love propels some of us to act out. Hey! There is a lot invested, in fact, it's called the heart.

We invest so much mentally, physically, and spritually. And, it sucks when you don't get it what you expected and have to stop investing. But, ask yourself did I offer the best and got the least, or did I play it safe and wanted the other to make the risk. It take two to tango. Often the missteps are blamed on the other person, and we don't look at what we did to fall off the beat.

The Internet/Digital age is a blessing and a curse when it comes to love. This tool has expanded our options, but, also makes us ask what is next. This poison of what is next, drips into some people's heart. It makes them ask what is around the corner. It also offers us images of physical ideals and lies, that make us think, the grass is greener elsewhere, therefore, I won't tend to what is in front of me. I didn't have to physically move. I didn't have to practice empathy. All I have to do is point and click at something that will make me fell better about myself.

Click away lost ones. You are basically chasing that old high in a new way.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, Allan!

And from the perspective of someone who is single and doesn't want to go online for love is I want that connection you describe, to reach for the same book at the bookstore if you will. No matter what Match.com says, a picture and a profile does not do that.