Jun 10, 2008

Does He Even Remember What He Had For Lunch?

Looks like McCain can't keep himself from letting out lies or misinformation from his mouth. I'm hoping that he keeps it up and that people realize the absurdity of electing him president.

"McCain was asked by a New Orleans reporter why he voted twice against an independent commission to investigate the government’s failings before and after Hurricane Katrina, and he incorrectly stated that he had "voted for every investigation."

McCain actually voted twice, in 2005 and 2006, to defeat a Democratic amendment that would have set up an independent commission along the lines of the 9/11 Commission. At the time of the second vote, members of both parties were complaining that the White House was refusing requests by Senate investigators for information.

The McCain campaign accused the Obama campaign of "tired negative attacks" for pointing out and documenting McCain’s gaffe." Source: factcheck.org (click here for the full story.)

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