Jun 26, 2008

Willie Is A Proud Mother In Heaven

Willie Ninja taught his children well. Here they are serving it at some event that would have been a bore, if they didn't show up, and serve it fiercely to the tenth power. Werk!

The House of Ninja brings the ovahness in loving memory of Willie. Props go out to father of the house Benny Ninja (in the plaid pants) for maintaining the love.


Junior said...

I so want the outfit the guy in the front right is wearing (and to be thin enough to wear it)!


Kitty said...

I knew seeing them would bring a smile to your face.

Allan S. said...

Muchos Gracias to Miss Kitty for suggesting in her blog that her readers get their C&D fix. It lead me to this image.

Junior, in the world of ball culture, ALL body types get their place in the sun and serve it no matter how thin or thick. Pump that look papito!