Jun 14, 2008

Survival 101

Good people, I care about you. I am motivated to create this post, because, I believe one should live, love, learn and pass it on.

Mother Jones: The risk of us dying from terrorist attacks is incredibly low. So why do we put so much money and resources into preventing them instead of a more likely cause of death like heart disease or car crashes?

Amanda Ripley: By sort of combining the research of a lot of smart people, I came up with an equation for dread:

[dread=uncontrollability+unfamiliarity+imaginability+suffering+scale of destruction+unfairness].

The dread equation is a simplification, but it's a way to explain why we fear something so much when it is so unlikely. Part of it is the lack of control. That's why we're more scared of plane crashes than car crashes even though we know rationally which is more dangerous.

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