Jun 6, 2008

U.S. Senate Plays Catch-Up

This recent fake ass newsflash made me laugh, then I wanted to vomit. It's like Duh! Such bullshit.

Why the fuck didn't all of the mainstream media perform some due dilgence way back before the madness started. And, why didn't the damn Senate grow a set of balls and or ovaries and stop this chump from unleashing Dick's master plan. Fucking pathetic.

Maybe the goal is to dot the "I" and cross the "T" in an official report so that they can tarnish Georgie's legacy and create historical documentation to prevent another a-hole from repeating the same madness.

I doubt it. History gets repeated over and over and over again. So not in a good mood today.

"The Senate Intelligence Committee says the Bush administration skewed intelligence to bolster its case for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The distortions include misstating Saddam Hussein's links to terrorism and ignoring intelligence about Iraq's arms programs, according to the report." Source: Reuters

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