Jun 4, 2008

Applause, Applause. Now Join The Cause

What happened to Hillary? She has exceptional experience, intelligence, and put tons of money into her run for the presidential nomination of the democratic party. Alas, she's expected to bow out of the race and let Obama become the main focus.

I was for the most part impressed with her ideas. She took on the hard questions, and rarely faltered. Never once did you see her sweat while on the hot seat. I think she is an amazing person. And, would have voted for her, without thinking I was voting for the lesser of two evils, but rather a person that would move this country in a better direction.

She did trip up with putting out an easy to expose lie about her trip to Bosnia. Then she pandered to the crowd by telling stories of her Annie Oakley-ish childhood. She showed she's human by holding back a few tears, while she spoke about her fears for the country.

Maybe these things turned people off. Maybe she came off too much like a politician. Maybe Bill was a liability. Maybe people are not ready for a female president. Maybe people had enough of the Clintons.

I'm really not interested in hearing too much about what I'm sure will be a long list of theories as to why she didn't win. What I'm more eager to hear is how we can spare the country a McCain administration. I pray that Hillary licks her wounds, and joins the good fight to put Obama into the White House.

This is not a time for sour grapes. There is so much at risk right now for this country, and all of the most clever and resourceful people in the Democratic party need to BRING IT, so that McCain won't know what hit him.

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