Jun 23, 2008

M.I.A. Due To Trials and Tribulations

Good people, it has been rough these past few days. I'm alive and well. I remain grateful for this body, this life and these experiences. Here is what I have to share:

- Karma is real. When it comes back to you, Karma's purpose is to make you understand, what you were not able to understand, because you lacked an essential experience that could only be provided when, Karma bites you in the ass. Karma is a gift. Karma is designed to inform you and connect you to your fellow human beings. Karma's ultimate gift is to make you reach the divine that churns within you.

- Putting it all out on the table for the sake of love is a good thing. Whether the results are good, bad or indifferent, you have to unburden yourself. You have to say what you feel, how you are hurting, and what you had hoped for. After this release, then you can work with what is in front of you. The fantasy will sneak in to distract you from the reality, however, you have to stay honest. Work with that honesty and tilt it towards your need to heal yourself.

- Keep seeing life as a journey. It reminds you there are points of interest, tourist traps, and moments where you are excited. Always remember your resources, and what you set out to experience. Put that itinerary aside at times and just let in what the universe is offering you.


Kitty said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Allan.
It's always the little battles that lead to victory in the war.

Junior said...

Glad to know you're better. Hopefully, you'll be back fully to share some more gems soon!

Aaron said...

Glad to have you back Allan,
"let in what the universe is offering you"
is one of my fav philosophies for life and for bottoming :P
Hope all is well