Feb 5, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

John Waters, the deranged mind behind cult-film favorites such as Pink Flamingos, Female Troubles, and the crossover hit Hairspray once shared this advice to aspiring artists in an interview. These are not his exact words but the jist of what he had to share.

1. People should create their art where they live.
2. No one should think you have to be in New York or Los Angeles to be an artist.
3. I live and do my work in Baltimore. Baltimore is where I get my inspiration.
4. Wouldn't it be interesting if more artist did the same. So that we can get the unique perspectives and flavors that exsist across this country.
5. Imagine how different the David Letterman Show (he did refer to David's show) would be if he broadcasted from his hometown.

I feel these words are prophetic. This interview happened pre-Internet. Fast forward! Technology enables people to share art, information, and unique realities, so easily. The "soapbox" has become electronic and global. The town square is a click away.

Mind you I don't think we should stay put. I believe the best thing a person can do is go out in the world and experience what is different. Then go home and share what you've encountered.

Chris Crocker might have benefited from this advice. It seems like he got sucked into the machine, and is losing something in the process. The "big time" brings big problems. He's a young guy from a smalltown. I'm sure he's gagging about being the country mouse in the big city. Stay focused Chris! And, say no to the stuff that goes up your nose, in your veins, or into your lungs.

I enjoyed Chris' antics from his grandmother's house. Maybe he got bored and needed to leave. I can understand that. Maybe that town was shady to him and he needed to get out. I can understand that. But, maybe the universe placed him there, so that he could shine his light and enlighten the community around him.


Kitty said...

When I saw Chrissy doing his "Belle of the Ball" thing around Hollywood I thought, "They're going to chew you up and spit you out."

Allan S. said...

It was all downhill when he got labeled "Britney Boy". What she needed to do was go on shows that agreed to talk about his other videos and showing some of them.

He could have done a better job of leveraging the fact that he set all sorts of records regarding viewership on youtube.

And, instead of being on Maury's tacky show, he should have went to the less tacky Tyra Banks.

LOL..Miss Kitty why am I giving a fuck about this? Let me get back to seeing the outcome of Super Tuesday, which really matters.