Feb 20, 2008

Got Water?

While parts of the planet are flooding, other areas are drying up. We are approaching the Age of Aquarius, which means water is going to be an ongoing issue for some time.

Here's is how Georgia is dealing with their water shortage:

COLE CITY HOLLOW, Tennessee - Nearly two centuries after a flawed survey placed Georgia's northern line just short of the Tennessee River, some legislators are suddenly thirsting to set the record straight.

A historic drought has added urgency to Georgia's generations-old claim that its territory ought to extend about a mile farther north than it does and reach into the Tennessee — a river with about 15 times greater flow than the one Atlanta depends on for its water.

"It's never too late to right a wrong," said Georgia state Sen. David Shafer, whose bill would create a boundary line commission that aims to resolve the dispute.
- Source: AP News

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