Feb 17, 2008

Charitable Giving Is Just The Beginning

Oprah has a new show coming on TV called Oprah's Big Give. Miss Thing knows how to brand her name. The idea of the show is:

What would you do if you were handed a bundle of cash—and told you have to give it all away? Challengers on Oprah's Big Give...People from across the country are challenged to help total strangers so that they can feel the high of giving. Over eight weeks, we follow their every move, and in the end, the biggest giver wins! -- Source: Oprah.com

Charitable giving is competative and strategic among the wealthy. So I can understand the idea behind this show. I'm also a believer in being philanthropic. I myself give regualarly to charities doing work I believe in.

I also believe that what has to be a part of philanthrophy is political action. Some of the social ills in the U.S. are the result of local, state and federal policies that don't properly prevent or address inequities and/or the needs of the people.

See folks all the best intentions and money in the world won't fix certain social ills. What is often needed is laws and policies that would weed out the corruption, bad policies, ineffective governing and greedy corporations that are creating some of these problems.

If that levee was taller and stronger, New Orleans would still be New Orleans. And, the focus would have been on addressing the poverty issues of that city, rather than buidling Trump's high-rises for the wealthy.

If education laws focused on making classroom sizes smaller and developing truly innovative ways of teaching, no child would be left behind. Instead every child could get an education that will enable them to reach their own unique potential. To expect 100% compentancy among all school children is a joke. If you don't think so read about "reaction range" in siblings.

If stricter buidling and housing laws were enacted, there would be more affordable decent housing being built for struggling Americans. And, I'm not talking about warehousing people in large scale housing like the building the Florida and James Evans had to raise their children in.

Next time you see a negative social condition on the news or in the streets, ask yourself, besides throwing money at the problem, what else can be done to make this situation better. Better yet, ask yourself what is it in our culture and laws that is creating this situation.

Dig deeper good people, and not just into your pockets!

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bunnilove said...

I really don't like Oprah, everything begins and ends with money with her. If you pay a little attention, you'll find that she's not very intelligent. If she didn't have all that money, then she'd be just another loud ass shopping in the plus size section in Conway on Fulton street. I know: I'd be shopping there with her!!