Feb 25, 2008

Sick Fucks @ VH1

Ok, so VH1 decided to bring back a third season of Flavor of Love. Here are my reasons on why that is fucked up:

1. Mr. Flav has a history of being fucked up to his babies mamas and to his kids. Why drag another woman into his madness? It's tragic how Flav always talks about finding a woman to take care of him, yet he doesn't return that kind of love.

2. Let's be real. Chuck D was the light of Public Enemy. Flav for the most part benefited from Chuck's illumination. Flav's attempt at a solo music career showed this to be true. Does anyone remember the single he released after season one of Flavor of Love?

3. Umm, does anyone at VH1 feel guilty about exploiting women that are emotionally vulnerable? In season two a contestant was so disconnected from her own self-worth that she took a shit on herself while sipping champagne.

4. Dignity! I think that dignity matters in life. It can motivate you to reach for higher, and compel you to offer a helping hand to someone that is struggling. This show relishes in humiliation, and that means it encourages viewers to want to see a persons's spirit killed.

5. The colonial mentality is a very bad thing. It results in buffoonery, uncle tomming, bowing and scraping, and being the assistant, to the assistant, to the assistant. I know that with the problems young black and brown children are facing, we don't need a Flavor Flav in our face. You are played out brother.

It is in my opinion that Chuck had Flav as a part of Public Enemy because he wanted to show that the tired stereotype of the minstrel figure was misunderstood. I think Chuck wanted to show that the "round the way class clown" is someone that actually can verbalize some truths. When I was a teenager, I saw Flav as the angry yet comical voice of underrated reasoning that I was able to relate to.

It sucks that Flav has become so self-serving at the expense of women. And, that he didn't grow up with the rest of us. He was suppose to fight the power, not surrender to it.


Kitty said...

Flav is an embarrassment and Chuck and crew asked him not to do the shows anymore. He agreed to stop at first but then decided to do it one more time for the money...again. He is engaged to be married to some chick and they just had a baby. She was pregs at the time he was shooting Season II. Public Enemy would not be in the wrong if the cut him loose publicly, but I know Chuck never will, "hood loyalty" being what it is.

Anonymous said...

Allan, I'm glad you titled this "Sick Fucks @ VH1" because it's more their problem than Flav's.

Sure Flav is bad for taking the money, but when you don't have any money and you need money, I can understand that you'd just say "yes" without considering the effects.

The white execs at VH1 are the ones who should be ashamed for perpetuating negative stereotypes of black people and demeaning women. But again, when you're making money right? That's what it always comes down to.

But please don't watch anymore. It's dangerous to your health!

Kitty said...

The person who brought, The Flavor Of Love, recently stepped down but stated that she was proud of the shows she brought to the network including Flav and the New York spin-off...she's a black female.

go to gawker.com and type in her name:

Christina Norman

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up kitty!

For some reason it's easier to think about a bunch of white execs smoking cigars sitting in a room laughing and counting their Flav money, than to discover that a black woman created the show. Wow.

Allan S. said...

good people, don't ya know how it works. You get the black or brown person to do the dirty work and when the shitstorm comes, the execs can then point to that black or brown person and blame it on them.

Trust me when I say many of the bright and eager young people of color that enter into the world of tv and film, are slowly but surely steered into that head space that makes them think shows and characters like Flava of Love is worth doing.

Why do you think Dave Chapelle said "fuck this!"

Go rent Bamboozled by Spike Lee.