Feb 3, 2008

The Keys

I don't know why it came to my mind today. I recall when my brother Anthony and I went to the Florida Keys we saw something wonderful. Hmmm, I don't know if it was wonderful but, it was an intriguing idea.

We saw a man walking a dog, and ontop of that dog was a cat, and ontop of that cat was a mouse. My brother was amused and said "Yo, check that out!" I said, "Do you know what that pet owner is saying? Anthony said, "What?" I told him "Hate maybe nature, but love can be nurtured."

The skeptic in me say "Hey, Allan at some point in time those animals acted on their insticts and attacked each other." I don't disagree with that. In the battle, nature sometimes wins over nuture.

What I did realize is that, no offensive to the lower animal kingdom, they only work on those primal instictual levels. With that said, I think what homo-sapiens can do is reach higher when it comes to dealing with instict and differences.

Hey, Lucy loved Ricky, Miss Piggy loved Kermit. Love and respect present many challenges. Many of the challenges of love and/or respect revolve around issues concerning being safe or in power. I think people forget about the humilty of love. I also think people forget about how being or falling in love reveals so much about ourselves. And, how loving is a learning moment. Please, good people, forgive me for just using the pedagogical jargon.

It's funny to me how so many people want to attach logic to love. That goes out to all of you eharmony motherfuckers. I've learned sometimes what makes you fall out of love with someone is that they didn't wash the dishes that night. Those little things pick away at a house built of straw.

It's about what you build as a couple, and let me tell you the brick is about you bringing YOU as yourself. You showing up authentically will help you deal with the daily grind. And, god forbid if it all comes apart, you are still solid in knowing who you are. Love means being tender, and not about you falling apart to surrender.

I love the idea of love. I want everyone that reads this post to have a Valentine. I hope for you chocolates and flowers. Wouldn't that be cute that we all have love within reach or at least on the horizon.

I have to say sadly that there are many barriers for love to happen. So, we need to be smarter about how to pursue love. In 2008, promise to be more honest, respect some level of commitment, fuck the small stuff by learning what is really BIG for you, and ultimately be a fool and fall in love.

Hey, Downlaod Phyllis Hyman from the School Daze sountrack. The song is "Be One." Listen and you will get where I'm coming from.

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