Feb 11, 2008

Don't Piss Off Reinaldo

My good friend Reinaldo got pissed when he saw a recent airing of Lou Dobbs. Check out the video and Reinaldo's letter that went out to key executive officers within the Time Warner and CNN headquarters. You go mama!

"As a former Time Warner employee (over ten years) who watches CNN religiously, I just saw the interview with Janet Murguia from NCLR on Lou Dobbs on CNN and was extremely disappointed by the way Lou Dobbs treated her. His disrespectful and demonizing tone is completely reprehensible and he should be held accountable for his actions.

Janet brings to CNN a very critical and important issue, which I personally agree with, that Lou Dobbs show has spike hate crimes against the Hispanic Community because of his strong platform on raising the national discourse and visibility on this issue and the lending credibility to individuals who are associated with hate groups, hate speech, and hate crimes.

Hispanics in this country have become a scapegoat for the issue of Immigration and this has cause significant fear and hate towards Hispanics everywhere -- irregardless of whether they are citizens or not. The role that Lou Dobbs has played in fueling this issue goes beyond the intentions of free speech as it is outlined and protected by the Constitution.

I must admit that often turn the channel when Lou's show comes on because of his tone and discourse on this issue, but in this occasion I stayed with the show since he indicated NCRL's President would be on to discuss this issue. Again, I was completely offended as a member of the Hispanic Community by his disrespectful and condescending tone.

This is not the Time Warner and Turner that I knew before I left the company, and I am extremely dissappointed by the direction that CNN's coverage has taken.

I understand from the interview that Janet has a meeting with the head of the network. I call on both of you as leaders of the company to take the actions needed to protect the integrity of the company when it comes to these issues, and return Time Warner and CNN's reputation to the one that we all remember and love."


Reinaldo Llano


ReiRei said...

Thanks for posting. This is totally unnacceptable behavior.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Oh, I ignore Lou Dobbs. He's made himself completely irrelevant. A pathetic Poor Johnny One Note!