Feb 18, 2008

Don't Tempt Fate

Ok, so Lindsay Lohan decided to participate in a homage to the legendary Marilyn Monroe, for the pages of New York magazine, by recreating the images that were taken of Marilyn at her last photoshoot before her death.

This chick should so not go there. You would think with Lindsay's track record, she distance herself from anything that has to do with tragic Hollywood figures that died because of an overdose.


Kitty said...

I didn't think the pictures were very good, then I realized that she hadn't been heavily Photoshopped. She doesn't do a good Marilyn and the *wink wink* of it all speaks to questionable judgment on her part especially since she's out clubbing again.

She is entirely too young and thin to have so little muscle tone.

annulla said...

Agree 100%. Even if she doesn't have a crumb of sense, you'd expect one of her handlers & advisors to counsel her against the Marilyn-lite photos, wouldn't you? Especially considering how unhealthy she looks. Ah, well, Lindsay probably walks under ladders and smashes mirrors, too.

Blather From Brooklyn

bunnilove said...

Doesn't it seem that we have a bumper crop of sad, ill-advised, overused, bored, young female performers? With our obsession with youth, as if it holds some great power, these "stars" become mere tentacles in the beast that is the entertainment industry. When one star goes down, when a tentacle gets cut off, another one grows in its place like a monstrous amoeba.