Feb 23, 2008

What's In Tim Gunn's Closet?

In the Winter 2008 issue of the Human Rights Campaign's magazine, Equality, Tim Gunn was the covergirl and gave an interview. I found it very intriguing because he was very forthcoming with details about himself. Here are some highlights.

Equality: You've described yourself, when you were young, as trying to find yourself.

Gunn: I denied having any sexuality. I kept saying "I'm asexual. I'm non-sexual. I'm not attracted to women. I'm not attracted to men." I was a very isolated kid. I isolated myself. But I wouldn't say that I was un-socialized; i liked the company of adults much more than I liked the company of my peers. And, I had very very, very few friends...I'd flip and fly into a sense of panic when someone said that they were gay. I went through a ton of therapy through my teens and early 20s. Once in group therapy, a boy older than me said that he was gay, and I flew into the other room. I think it was just fear of the unknown.

Equality: Certainly, as so many of us know, "coming out" can be a lifelong process, every single day.

Gunn: Having a partner - someone with whom I would travel and attend events - would bring a whole new dimension to my life. And it's one that I just don't have. So it just never comes up...I realize how extremely lucky I am, to be in this industry and to be in this city. Because there's never a semblance of confrontation anywhere by anybody.

I was surprised to learn that Tim deeply struggled with his identity, has lived and somewhat continues to live in a bubble, and that he's living the single life. I guess this all contributes to his compassion for people, his decision to be mentor to so many (love needs an outlet)and his demeanor that suggests a gilded life.

Hey what we don't know about other people is a lot!


Todd HellsKitchen said...

That's a great portrait!

Dave said...

I actually read an article a while back about Tim and his lack of relationships...apparently back in the day when he lived in Washington DC, he was involved in a long-term relationship that went sour. He was so distraught over the breakup that he has not dated since.

It's a shame; I'm sure he has a lot to offer someone, but he is just so turned off by dating that he's somewhat afraid to try his hand at it again...

bunnilove said...

I felt pretty sad after reading that, and it makes me wonder how a many people out there that are just like Tim. I think that there is a lot of courage in sticking out alone, for whatever reason. Too many times we stay in relationships that are truly unhealthy for us, just so that we are not alone. But for Tim to be so honest about his life shows just how special he is, and how he needs someone equally as special. I agree with Dave, it is a shame.But maybe being so honest is his way of saying he's open and ready for that someone special.