Feb 14, 2008

For Junior

Junior let me let you in on the big secret. Valentine's Day was created because for most couples, being in a relationship is a lot of work and can test you on so many levels.

So, in order to keep the social construction of "happily ever after" up and running, they needed to create a sort of "mental love-recharge day" for those that are joined at the hip. Yes, Junior. Romantic love is like the battery on your cell phone; it depletes depending on usage.

With that said, I will purchase a heart full of chocolates for the hubby. We'll express our love and hopefully have a cute time tonight. Is it all worth it you may ask. Yeah, it is. We help each other to keep on, keeping on.

May I suggest this year you purchase a bat and stalk the scene. Once you have identified a desirable target, pounce on your prey and knock him out. He will resist having to become domesticated. This sort of behavior is normal in men and other wild animals. Don't let that discourage you, it's all about being consistent. In time you will have a beloved of your own.

Damn, I shoudl've charged for this! I can't just keep giving my pearls of wisdom away. This loca gotta pay tuition and rock the Prada.

1 comment:

Junior said...

Thanks Allan for the advice! Part of the problem is me of course.

I keep choosing men that are like villians in horror movies. No matter how many times you knock 'em down and think it's done, they pop right back up and try to attack you.

p.s. is it a sign that my cell phone battery doesn't work anymore? hmm...