Apr 27, 2008

He Got Skills

Pastry Chef James Rosselle, is one fierce cookie. He has won back to back episodes on the Food Network Challenge. He is now $20,00 richer for winning the Sweet 16 and Surprise Engagement Party challenges. The boy has skills, his flowers, while not groundbreaking, are done extremely well. Moreover, his flavor combinations are sexy.

The hilarious part about his victories is how he wins them. The judges always blast him for not interviewing the "client judges" long enough to get a sense of what they want. He spent all of two minutes interviewing the Sweet 16 girl. And, at panel they call him on that. Yet, he manages to win.

I owe this to two factors:

1. If you got the skills, create something that people will want, despite the fact they thought they didn't know they would want it. It's Marketing 101.

2. Some people can't think big, so think big for them and they will be inspired to convert to your ideas.

Add to that, he is very affable and has great sportsmanship. Hey, some good karma always helps. So James keep on doing what you're doing. Educate these white bread "client judges" about the posibilites of what can come out of the kitchen. Word of caution, the flowers rock, but don't become a one trick pony.

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