Apr 12, 2008

Scratch My Back

Miss Kitty recently did a post on her blog, that highlighted the ongoing shenanigans of the rich and connected. Heather Bresch the daughter of Gov. Joe Manchin, received her MBA from West Virginia University under shady circumstances. In a nutshell, Heather's privileged ass was rarely, if ever, seen in class.

This has inspired me to create a list of the expression I've seen the rich, powerful and hustlers use for their unscrupulous actions:

1. I'm not breaking the rules, just bending them a bit.
2. This process is just a formality. I'm sure you can understand the need for fast-tracking the process for me.
3. This policy is counter-intuitive; therefore, I don't feel I should have to comply to them.
4. My situation is unique and requires special accommodations. Why don't we think "outside the box."
5. I'm sure with my considerable resources, we can workout an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.
6. Your boss is Mr. So and So. I play golf with him twice a month. I'm sure he'll be happy to know you took good care of me.
7. You know I really don't like to say this. Do you know who I am? And, do you know the people I work for?

From my days of working at Time Warner and NYU, I've seen a lot. Bottom line regardless of race, creed, or class, people are prone to getting their hustle on. Where there is a will, there is a way. Right folks!?

Mind you I'm not opposed to making exceptions, but I feel they should be made for a person that really is trying their hardest to do things the right way, and have true challenges keeping them from achieving success. But, to hook up some chick that had a life filled with access to resources designed to insure her success, is bullshit. To whom much is given, much is required.

Hmm, I wonder if the Gov, Manchin has ever in one of his speeches, talked about the virtue of people working hard and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, to achieve the American dream.

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