Apr 15, 2008

My Winter Soundtrack

Some of my favorite bloggers have been posting music lately. I feel inspired to do the same. Here some semi-new stuff and really old-stuff that that filled my head over the winter.

I'm glad Spring has arrived. I get rather moody in the cold winter months and tend to latch on to songs that range in emotion from pop-a-licious to full-on drama. Here are some songs that got me through the winter.

RADIOHEAD - "NUDE": Good people, I would wrap the collar of my coat around my neck and cheeks, and let the tears stream down my face, only to be frozen by the bittercold of the loveless winter air. It was perfection.

LUPE FIASCO - "SUPERSTAR": This was my audio ammo to get out of the blues. You know as I walked to school and blasted this on my iPod I would wave and touch pearls, wave and touch pearls.

DAVID BOWIE w/TRENT REZNOR - "I'M DERANGED": I live for when Bowie pleads "cruise me, cruise me."

MALCOLM MacCLAREN -"MADAM BUTTERFLY": It's operatic. Nuf said! Plus, I had to share this totally 80s video.

PETER, BJORN & JOHN - "YOUNG FOLKS": I would clean the house to this song, and periodically do the Watusi.

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Kitty said...

In Rainbows is a great CD and the Bowie/Reznor song kills.