Apr 28, 2008

This Is Just Creepy

I have no problems saying a Father and child should not be this sexified and laid up on each other like this. Her arms is like in between his legs. There is too much skin showing, and daddy should have told her to pull up her jeans. Why is it that when they want to take a pop princess and have her grow up in people's eyes, they have to go the sex route.

I acknowledge and support that adolescence is a time when young people explore their looks and sexual stirrings, but that is not the only story. What about creating an image that shows Miley exuding a new sense of independence, and a desire to venture away from her family, in order to experience a life that considers her intelligence, humanity and curiosity.

This image feeds the fallacy to young people that "growing up" means focusing on how sexy, cool and provocative you are able to become. Such a limited message to send to teens abut this time their lives.

Daddy Cyrus needs to ease up his grip and assist his daughter in becoming an empowered individual, unless he wants a Britney/Paris/Lindsay on his hands. Hmm, her facial expressions looks like she is saying "Daddy, let go...you're hurting me."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, of course Miley's parents need to actually pay attention to her image and what she's doing, instead of basking in the fame, but I also blame Annie Leibowitz for a lot of this contro.

I feel like people respect her so much and sometimes she guides subjects to areas where they shouldn't be on the strength of her history in photography. First LeBron in Vogue and now this. I'm losing respect for her fast.

bunnilove said...

I would love a picture like this...with MY MAN!! This is just too much, Mr. One Hit Wonder is really riding the Miley Fame Train pretty hard. There's a whiff of Daddy longing for Daughter here, which will backfire in the future, in the form of fucking anything on two feet just to torment Billy Ray. I see a train wreck a-comin'!